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Welcome to Retro Rides Wiki!
This is a new development for us, so it currently pretty sparsely populated. Currently there are 105 pages.

If you want to contribute then you will need a login for the wiki (I'm afraid its a seperate one from the forum). You can sign up for a login here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Current Sections

1. Retro Rides Awards Results (2009 now added)
2. How To's
3. PCD List
4. Technical Features
5. Museum Database
6. BHP per Tonne List
7. Shows and Show Reports
8. Miscellaneous Pages, Interviews etc

List of car manufacturers - not yet complete, can you help add pages ?

You can create a new page or edit an existing one to add more information.

This is a collaborative effort, so if you can pitch in a whole lot thats great, or if you think you can only contribute a little, then do that too. Collectively we'll make a great information resource.

There are details on how the editing works on the ScrewTurn software Page Editing wiki entry. We are also working on our own guidelines How To Edit The Retro Rides Wiki Pages.

Recent Changes:
2014/09/09 10:06berendd updated the page Museum Database.
2014/06/16 14:51adambt updated the page Wijnland Auto Museum, Cape Town.
2013/11/22 20:55spiny updated the page 5x114-3.
2013/11/22 20:52spiny updated the page 5x205.
2013/05/05 00:16spiny updated the page Dodge.
2013/05/05 00:15spiny updated the page De Tomaso.
2013/05/05 00:15spiny updated the page Daimler.
2013/05/05 00:15spiny updated the page Daihatsu.
2013/05/05 00:15spiny updated the page Daewoo.
2013/05/05 00:15spiny updated the page Daf.

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